Item No.: WS-23
Chemical Name:  WS-23
CAS No.:  51115-67-4
Appearance:  White Fine Powder
Molecular Fomula:  C10H21NO

Product Description

WS-23 is a cooling agent with little to no odor. Good for those who want a “cool or icy” flavor in their recipe, this offers a rounder and smoother taste than other cooling agents such as koolada or menthol. WS-23 usually does not alter the flavor of your recipe like other additives do.


Product Name WS-23
Appearance White Powder
Specification 99%
CAS 51115-67-4
Package 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 25kg/drum
Sample Available
Storage Dry Place
Shelf life 2 Years

Product Function

Highlights. Synthetic cooling agents (WS-23 and WS-3) provide a cooling sensation. Coolants in e-cigarettes modify acellular and ROS levels in lung epithelial cells. Synthetic coolants in e-cigarette affect oxidative stress in lung cells.

Product Application  

1. Daily use product:
Cooling Agent is used in toothpaste, oral products, Air Freshener,skin cream,Cooling Agent is shaving cream, shampoo, sunscreen, shower cream.


2. Food products:
Cooling Agent is used in confectionery products, chocolate,dairy produce, beer, Cooling Agent is distilled spirit,beverage, Chewing Gum.


3. Other
Cooling Agent is used in Cigarette, filter tip, tobacco, it also can be used in insectifuge.

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